Pastoral Letter | May 21, 2020

Dear Friends:

It has been a joy to connect with most of you the past couple of weeks via phone.  I am happy to report that none of our membership has been infected with the virus as of this time and people seem in good spirits.  Of course, there is lots of disappointment and frustration at the loss of graduation celebrations, some weddings, and in our congregation alone we are waiting on four memorial services, those of Bill Berger, Phil Tideman, Harry Toppings and Don Robbins.  We are eager to celebrate their lives and to help us all find some closure.

Plus, a lot of folks are awfully hungry for some sticky hugs from their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


I spoke with Sandy Hanson yesterday shortly after she arrived at Pierz Villa for rehab following foot surgery.  She was in good spirits and grateful for the prayer chain.


Things are starting to open up, though in Minnesota worship services are still not allowed.  The session will be determining how quickly we will re-open once that is allowed.  As of yesterday, Mille Lacs County had 15 diagnosed cases.  Obviously, we have a high number of older folks among our membership and we want to be very careful.  As much as I like to be on the leading edge of things, this is one case where I am tempted to let other congregations take the lead and be the guinea pigs.  That said, I miss you!  


Finally, we are coming into Memorial Day Weekend.  I invite you to join in this prayer.

Almighty and All-Gentle God,

We rightly remember the brave men and women who have served their country in the military, and especially honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  We also remember with compassion all of their families; whose loss is with them each day and each night.

We ask you to heal our wounded warriors who have returned home in pain of body and spirit.  Help us to take good care of our veterans.

Gracious God, bless and strengthen all those in active service and their families.  Grant your loving protection.  

Once again, we pray diligently that justice and peace may rule in this land and across your globe. We pray that families may be reunited and that all efforts may turn from violence and toward benevolence: feeding, educating and clothing the least in this and every land.

We pray all these things in the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus the Lord.  Amen


Grace and peace to each of you!


Pastor Bill