Message from Bill | May 30, 2020

A message for my white friends from Bill Chadwick May 30, 2020:

Our hearts are broken at the death of George Floyd and we recognize that this is an outgrowth of systemic racism and injustice.  

Our hearts are broken that peaceful demonstrations have been overtaken by arsonists and anarchists.  At the same time, we acknowledge that “rioting is the language of the unheard” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.).

Below is a brief list attempting to respond to the question that well-meaning people are asking.

What Can I Do?

Specific Action Steps

  • Prayer   I started to list people and groups that need prayer and it became two pages long.  You know what to do.  Let us remember to confess our own sin of complicity in unjust systems.
  • Donate

Help rebuild Lake Street’s small businesses and community organizations.

  1. Urban Ventures has been so vital in mission with the community along Lake Street for many years..

Give to Urban Ventures: We will use your generous to support our neighbors who are trying to emerge from the impact of COVID-19, while also dealing with damages to their homes, small businesses, and personal property.  (It is important to note that many in our community do not qualify for the recently enacted federal and state stimulus programs.)  Urban Ventures has had its own financial impact through the loss of nearly 100% of our earned income (rentals, coffee sales, athletic fees, etc.).  As a result, our benevolence fund and operating reserves are both in short supply.  We feel that our community needs us—and we need you—more than ever.  Will you help us?   Donate to Urban Ventures here.

  1. CANDO
    (Central Neighborhood Development Organization)
    Accepting drop offs @ 3715 Chicago Ave.
    Can make a donation on their website, or visit their FB page.
    (612) 824-1333
  • Do
  1. Clean up the streets.  

From Urban Ventures: Events are unfolding quickly—and we cannot predict what will happen over the weekend—but we expect that there will be a need for additional community clean-up efforts.  We are tentatively planning on rallying together to help clean up our streets on Monday at 9am.  Use this link to indicate your interest in helping with this effort.  We will provide you with an update on Sunday as we survey the need. 

  1. Call persons of color that you know and check in with them to see how they are doing.  Listen, offer support, and listen some more.
  1. Work to counteract Voter Suppression.
  • Educate Yourself
  1. Just Mercy: A True Story of the Fight for Justice by Brian Stevenson.
  1. Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson
  1. White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism by Robin DiAngelo

Obviously, this is a very incomplete list.  Blessings to you all.