He is Risen… He is Risen, Indeed!

This will be the most authentic Easter in your lifetime.

The first Easter did not include trumpets, bows, ties, and floral arrangements.  There was no fanfare.  No crowded churches or big brunches. 

The historical record tells that the followers of Jesus hid in the city.  They sheltered in a room and locked the door out of fear.  Those who murdered their friend might come after them next.  The first disciples on the first Easter were:


Easter 2020 will be more like the first Easter than any other in your life.  More than any Easter in our memory, we will share some perspective with the ancient church.  

On the first Easter, the disciples found an empty tomb and thought it a tragedy.  “Someone has stolen the body.”  But they discovered that the empty grave was a good thing.  Their friend and Lord was alive, and their lives would never be the same.

On Easter 2020, our church buildings will be empty, an apparent tragedy.  There is some loss in this fact, but I believe there is also gain.  Jesus is alive.  He is not enshrined in any one sanctuary.  He is not quarantined to certain holy sites.  The Risen Lord is with his people.  Jesus’ sanctuary is wherever you are. 

Open your eyes.  God is giving us new vision in Holy Week 2020. 

Abundant life.
Extraordinary surprises. 
Boundless possibilities.
Eternal horizon. 
Resurrection hope.

What are you seeing differently this week?